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The following are some of the successfully carried out and ongoing projects by DON CONSULT LTD :

Urban Water Supply and Sanitation

¨       Zanzibar Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project (ZUWSP) for improvement of water supply system in Zanzibar town funded by African Development Bank (AfDB).

¨       Construction supervision of Same Mwanga Korogwe water supply project

¨       Consultancy Services for Construction Supervision of Sludge Disposal Facility for Bukoba Municipality funded by World Bank under WSDP.

¨       Detailed design, preparation of tender documents for sewerage works in Singida municipality and water supply works in Manyoni and Kiomboi townships.

¨       Lake Victoria Basin Water Resources Management Plan, Phase 1 – for Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

¨       Construction supervision of water supply improvement for Singida Township. Co-funded by GoT, BADEA and OFID .

¨       Provision of Consultancy Services for Detailed Engineering design and preparation of Tender documents for improvement of water supply and sewerage in Mwanza city and Water supply in Magu, Nansio, Misungwi, Ngudu, Sengerema and Geita Townships.

¨       Design review, preparation of tender documents and supervision of works for improvement of water supply in Dodoma Town (funded by the Government of Korea).

¨       Design Review, Construction Supervision and Project Management Support of Monduli District Water Supply Project. Funded by Government of Tanzania and ADB.

¨       Design and Construction Supervision of East Kilimanjaro Water Supply Project Phase II.

¨       Feasibility study for Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Bukoba and Musoma Towns.

¨       Design, Tender Documents Preparation and Supervision of Iringa Municipality Sewerage System and Water Supply for Njombe, Kilolo, Mafinga, Makete, Ilula and Wanging’ombe.

¨       Detail Design, Tender Documents, Preparation and Supervision of Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project for Songea Municipality, Mbinga and Namtumbo Towns under WSDP.

¨       In-depth Study and Preliminary Design of Kibaya Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project.

¨       Feasibility Study, Preliminary Design and Environmental Impact Assessment of Shinyanga / Kahama Lake Victoria Project.

¨       Construction Supervision of Sewerage works in Iringa Municipality in association with Seureca of France.


¨       Design of Water Supply and sanitation works in Mpanda, Laela,Chala, Namanyere, Inyonga and Matai Township (Sumbawanga)


¨       Detailed design, preparation of tender documents and construction supervision for Mugango / Kiabakari / Butiama Water Supply Project

Rural Water Supply and Sanitation

¨       Detailed Design Tender documentation and construction supervision for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Projects for Twelve Districts in Lindi and Mtwara Regions.

¨       Detailed Design Tender documentation Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Projects and Construction supervision for Tanga and Mbeya Regions

¨       Detailed Designs and Preparation of Tender Documents and Supervision of Works for 1st Year Investment Plan for Water Supply and Sanitation for Singida, Iramba and Morogoro Rural Districts.

¨       Rehabilitation and Extension Supervision of water supply system for Kisarawe II in Temeke District. Funded by Norwegian Church Aid

¨       Project Management Support for the Monduli Water Supply Project.

¨       Detailed Design Tender documentation and construction supervision Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Projects for Morogoro District.

Studies and Evaluation

¨       Kagera River Basin Monograph – Consultancy to develop the Kagera River basin monograph and information database in the four riparian Countries.

¨       Performance Assessment of 18 Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Authorities.

¨       Tanzania Due Diligence – Water Component part of MCC to Tanzania.

¨       Establishment of Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Departments and boards for the towns of Tabora, Morogoro and Iringa in Tanzania.

¨       Comprehensive Ground water Assessment and Development of Aquifer Monitoring system and Evaluation of Environmental Impact Assessment for Kimbiji Aquifer.


¨       Establishment of database of the hydro-geological information and water use condition of existing wells distributed within the Wami/Ruvu Basin under the study on Water Resources Management and Development in Wami/Ruvu Basin.

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The firm is registered with the International Association of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) through the Association of Consulting Engineers Tanzania (ACET), and complies with the ethical code and professional standards as laid down by the Association.

The firm has a team of professional staff consisting of Hydrologists, Water Supply & Sanitation Engineers, Hydro-geologists, Geotechnical Engineers, Highway Engineers, Electromechanical Engineers, Economists, Sociologists, Financial Experts, Human Resources, Civil & Structural Engineers and Environmentalist and Experts in:- Rural Development, Institutional Development and Gender issues. It also enrolls short-term inputs from professionals in specialized fields on a case-to-case basis.

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