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DON CONSULT LTD has twenty two(22) years experience in executing various assignments.  During this time the firm has attained huge experience in providing its services to District Councils, Ministries and Departments within the Central and Local Governments, Municipalities, Water Boards, Multilateral and Bilateral aid programmes, and the Private Sector. Such services range through project preparation (feasibility studies and designs), Project management (including contract administration, supervision, monitoring and evaluation), training and institutional development, preparation of tender documents, project financing documents and specific studies in areas of specialization of the firm per customer requirements. Now with the rigid occupied and the experience and great gears of service,Don consult is now ISO 9001-2015 Certified.

Since its formation the firms has successfully carried out consultancy assignments for the Government of Tanzania, NGO’s, Bilateral and Multilateral aided Programmes. The assignments undertaken include Designs, Project Studies, Formulation, and Preparation, Construction Supervision, Performance Review and Evaluation.

The firm is proud of its high quality services, staffs’ professionalism and the ability to respond to the needs of the Clients. The firms has developed strict quality assurance procedures, and it is the obligation and responsibility of each and every member of the staff, together with the top management, to ensure that the standard procedures are adhered to.

DON CONSULT LTD is organized in a multi-layered structure of closely cooperating specialists and departments. As a result, the firm is in a position to satisfy all the requirements of complex planning and implementation of projects. Each project is planned and organized by a team of experts of various disciplines. A project leader is responsible for overall management of the project. The project leader coordinates all activities and regularly controls the implementation of the project. In addition, a member of the senior staff is closely involved with the project at the beginning and thereafter at critical phases of the project.

The senior staff members are always available for consultations with the client. For projects that require highly specialized expertise, DON CONSULT LTD is capable to acquire the required expertise through its worldwide associates. With this strength, the firm can ensure that the planning and design services of the projects are completed on time and in an efficient manner.


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From The CEO

The firm is registered with the International Association of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) through the Association of Consulting Engineers Tanzania (ACET), and complies with the ethical code and professional standards as laid down by the Association.

The firm has a team of professional staff consisting of Hydrologists, Water Supply & Sanitation Engineers, Hydro-geologists, Geotechnical Engineers, Highway Engineers, Electromechanical Engineers, Economists, Sociologists, Financial Experts, Human Resources, Civil & Structural Engineers and Environmentalist and Experts in:- Rural Development, Institutional Development and Gender issues. It also enrolls short-term inputs from professionals in specialized fields on a case-to-case basis.

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